ACE Racing

See what we’ve been up to and follow us as we chase numbers in our Street & Strip cars!

Check out our Blog page to see our current builds in progress including our 1966 Chevy Nova SS making the switch from Small Block Chevy to Twin Turbo LS and our new street car the #moredoor 4- door ’66 Chevelle!

ACE ’66 Chevy Nova SS

Best 1/4 mile E/T to date: 8.97 @ 148
Previous Engine: 415ci Small Block Chevy (6800cc) 800hp on methanol
Transmission: Powerglide
Chassis: SFI Spec 25.1

We are in the process of building a Twin Turbo LS motor for the Nova. Ignition and fuel will be controlled by FuelTech FT600 efi. We are also taking it back to a steel front end and doors, adding a passenger seat, bigger fuel cell and radiator, a rear wing, a second parachute and a wiper motor in preparation for Hot Rod Magazine Drag Week!

’67 Savannah Beige Bug

Best 1/4 mile E/T 2010: 13.09 on street tires
Engine: 2276cc, FK89, 044 Ultra Mags, 48 IDA, MSD ignition
Transmission: Close 1st, 2nd & 3rd – 1.12 4th.

’67 Yukon Yellow ‘Vert

Best 1/4 mile E/T to date: 12.99 w/ no nitrous
Engine: 2276cc, FK89 & Superflo heads
Transmission: Rhino case w/ Weddle gears and Vertigate shifter.
Chassis: Type 1 bug pan, 10 point cage.