LS Long Blocks

Custom built LS long blocks from 500hp to 2500hp+ fully balanced and blueprinted. For forced induction or normally aspirated engines.

ACE Racing Engines is the only company to offer COMPLETE long blocks, our engines aren’t shipped naked without valve covers or oil pans, they are complete and ready to drop into your vehicle!

Every engine is fully blueprinted and built by Stef himself – we are a highly dedicated race engine shop – not a production shop. Lots of time and man hours are put into each engine; that goes for 25hp VW engines to 3000hp LS engines – they all get the same treatment and every process of each build is photographed.

Each build also comes with a fully detailed 2 page build sheet and surface finish report sheets with data collected via our Mitutoyo Profilometer.

Please call Stef at the shop (424-378-1219) to talk about your engine requirements and to dial in the spec before ordering.

We also offer an optional dyno tuning service on all long blocks or turnkey engine builds.

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