1000hp Twin Turbo LS Turnkey Engine

1000hp rated 370ci LS Long Block.

COMPLETE LONG BLOCK with oil pump, oil pan, front and rear covers, valley cover and valve covers.

Based on a seasoned Gen IV 6.0L Iron short block with Callies rods, CP Forged pistons and Cathedral port heads. Other options available in the drop down menus.

Twin Turbo, Single Turbo or supercharged.

x58 reluctor wheel.

Please contact us before ordering this engine to discuss your exact requirements.


1000hp LS Twin Turbo Turnkey Engine Package
  • 1000hp rated LS engine 
  • Bore & stroke – 4.030” x 3.622”
  • Engine size – 370ci 
  • Chamber CC’s – TBD
  • Piston Dish – TBD
  • Static compression ratio  – TBD
  • Head gasket compressed thickness – TBD
  • Valve spring open pressure TBD
  • Seat pressure – TBD
  • Spring height – TBD
  • Hydraulic Roller 
  • Lift – TBD
  • Duration – TBD
  • Cam Timing – TBD
  • Custom Camshafts also available

Short Block Parts: 

  • Seasoned Gen IV 6.0L Iron block magna fluxed & ultra sonic cleaned (Dart SHP LS Next also available)
  • Block honed & decked with torque plates
  • King Race XP series coated main bearings 
  • King Race XP series coated con rod bearings
  • Durabond coated cam one piece cam bearings 
  • Balanced & magna fluxed GM 3.622” crankshaft (Callies 4.00″ also available)
  • Callies Compstar 6.125” rods with ARP 2000 rod bolts 
  • CP Carrillo Forged pistons -21cc dish 
  • Melling 10296 HV/HP oil pump 
  • Holley 302/3 oil pan (Please specify vehicle!)
  • ICT Billet oil feed 
Long Block Parts:
  • IWIS Billet single timing set 
  • GM Lifter trays
  • Morel drop-in LS7 style lifters
  • ARP Pro head studs
  • GM MLS head gaskets 
  • Cathedral port heads (please select)
  • Stainless Intake & Exhaust Valves
  • BTR Stage 2 twin turbo cam kit  (others available)
  • 660” Platinum valve springs 
  • Titanium retainers 
  • Valve stem seals 
  • BTR spring cups 
  • Chromoly push rods 7.400
  • ARP Cam bolts
  • Mahle Cam retaining plate & bolts 
  • GM LS1 1.7:1 Rockers
  • GM LS1 Rocker stand
  • C.H.E Bronze bearing trunnion kit
  • Gasket kit 
  • Oil Filter 
  • Front & Rear covers 
  • Core Plugs 
  • Oil Gallery dog bone
  • Billet Valley Cover (ACE or ICT) 
  • Valve covers (ACE, ICT or Holley)
  • Dipstick and tube 
  • Windage Tray 
  • Oil filler cap 
  • 12 point Hardware
Turnkey Parts:
  • Holley Dominator ECU
  • Holley Injector harness
  • Holley Dominator main harness
  • Holley main power harness
  • Holley Dominator Input/Output harness
  • Holley NTK WB02 sensor
  • Holley 100 PSI Sensor (need 3)
  • Holley 5 bar map sensor
  • Holley TPS Kit
  • Holley 2 port Boost solenoid
  • Holley Multi Map Selector
  • Holley 7.5″ digital dash
  • Holley 2 port Billet Fuel Press Reg
  • Holley Dominator 200GPH fuel pump (twin pumps)
  • Bosch 220lb/hr fuel injectors (Pk of 8)
  • Holley Lo-Ram intake & Fuel rails
  • Holley 105mm throttle body
  • Turbosmart or JGS 40mm wastegate
  • Turbosmart or JGS 50mm BOV
  • Up & forward turbo headers
  • Crankshaft position sensor 58x
  • Camshft position sensor 4x
  • Billet Twin turbo’s. Brand and size to be determined before ordering. 

1000hp is based on a twin turbo application with a professional tune. Engines must be tuned professionally. 

Dyno service available. Break-in, HP readout and tunes saved prior to engine being shipped out. 

Ideal for daily drivers & street/strip cars.

Other options also available. Please call to enquire.