1000hp rated 370ci short block


1000hp rated short block

Based on a seasoned 6.0L iron block with Callies forged rods & CP forged pistons.

Supplied short block complete with oil pump, oil pan and flexplate.

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Seasoned GM Gen IV 6.0L iron block, line honed, square decked, bored & honed .030″ over.

ACL Racing coated main bearings

ACL Racing coated con rod bearings

Durabond coated cam one piece cam bearings

GM 3.622″ crankshaft with TIG welded 58x trigger wheel

ARP Pro Main studs

Callies Compstar 6.125” rods with ARP 2000 rod bolts

TCI Flex plate (please specify converter/transmission)

ARP Flex plate bolts

CP Carrillo Bullet forged pistons (please specify head cc, cam duration and desired compression ratio)

Melling 10296 HV/HP oil pump

GM Muscle car oil pan (please specify vehicle)

ICT Billet turbo oil feed

Oil Filter

Optional short block add on:

ATI Super Damper (please specify front drive system)

ARP Damper bolt

BTR camshaft (please specify engine use)

Comp Cams timing set

Front & rear covers

For complete long block see here: 

1000hp 370ci LSx