1000hp rated 408ci LSx short block


1000hp rated short block
Based on a seasoned 6.0L iron block with Callies rotation assembly & CP forged pistons.
Supplied as a built short block with cam bearings installed 


  • Seasoned GM Gen IV 6.0L iron block, line honed, square decked, bored & honed .030″ over
  • King Racing XP coated main bearings
  • King Racing XP coated rod bearings
  • Durabond coated cam one piece cam bearings
  • Callies Compstar 4.00″ crankshaft with TIG welded 58x trigger wheel
  • ARP Pro Main studs
  • Callies Compstar 6.125” rods with ARP 2000 rod bolts
  • CP Carrillo Bullet forged pistons (please specify head cc, cam duration and desired compression ratio)
Optional Short Block add-ons:
  • Melling 10296 HV/HP oil pump
  • GM Muscle car oil pan (please specify vehicle)
  • ICT Billet turbo oil feed
  • Oil Filter
  • TCI Flex plate (please specify converter/transmission)
  • ARP Flex plate bolts
  • ATI Super Damper (please specify front drive system)
  • ARP Damper bolt
  • BTR camshaft (please specify engine use)
  • Comp Cams timing set
  • Front & rear covers


Click here to see the complete long block: