1200hp LSX engine


1200hp(+) rated Dart LS Next SHP Long Block.

COMPLETE LONG BLOCK with oil pump, oil pan, front and rear covers, valley cover and valve covers.

Based on a Dart LS Next SHP or SHP Pro block with Callies Compstar crankshaft, Molnar Power Adder rods, JE Forged pistons and your choice of aftermarket cylinder heads. Other options available – please see the drop down menus.

Twin or Single Turbo.

x58 reluctor wheel.

Please contact us before ordering this engine to discuss your exact requirements.

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1200hp(+) LSX Engine for Forced Induction applications 


Every engine is fully blueprinted and built by Stef himself – we are a highly dedicated race engine shop – not a production shop. Lots of time and man hours are put into each engine, that goes for 25hp VW engines to 3000hp LS engines – they all get the same treatment and every process of each build is photographed. Each build also comes with a fully detailed 2 page build sheet and surface finish report sheets with data collected via our Mitutoyo Profilometer.

Please call Stef at the shop (424-378-1219) to talk about your engine requirements and to dial in the spec before ordering.

Set up includes but not limited to the following machine/blueprinting –

  • Balancing
  • CNC Block Machining
  • Cylinders double torque plate honed for correct piston to wall clearance and surface finish
  • Full surface finish report on deck, head and cylinder wall finish included with build sheet
  • Engine fully blueprinted
  • Heads CC’d and valve job
  • Valve spring heights set up 
  • Pushrod length
  • Rocker geometry 
Short block Spec: 

  • Dart SHP or SHP PRO LS Next block
  • Block CNC Machined
  • Block double torque plate Diamond honed
  • ACL Race series main bearings 
  • ACL Race series rod bearings
  • One piece cam bearings
  • Callies Compstar 4340 Forged Crankshaft (others available)
  • Molnar Power Adder 6.125” rods with ARP 2000 rod bolts (others available)
  • JE Ultra Series Forged pistons 
  • Melling 10296 HV/HP oil pump 
  • Moroso trap door oil pan
  • Wix Oil Filter 
Top End Spec:
  • Cloyes Hex-A-Just IWIS Billet single timing set 
  • GM Lifter trays
  • Morel drop-in LS7 style lifters (others available)
  • ARP Pro Dart 7/16 6 bolt head studs
  • Cometix MLX head gaskets 
  • Dart/Brodix/AllPro cylinder heads (please select)
  • Turbo Hyd/Roller cam kit 
  • PAC or PSI valve springs 
  • Titanium retainers 
  • Valve stem seals 
  • Chromoly spring locators
  • Chromoly push rods
  • ARP Cam bolts
  • GM LS1 1.7:1 Rockers
  • Rocker arm trunnion kit
  • Front & Rear covers 
  • Oil Gallery dog bone
  • Billet Valley Cover (ACE, Holley or ICT) 
  • Valve covers (ACE, Holley or ICT) 

We recommend FuelTech or Holley EFI for this engine.

1200hp is based on a twin turbo or single turbo application with a good tune. Engines must be tuned professionally.

Dyno service available. Engine break-in, HP and Torque graphs and tunes saved prior to engine being shipped out. 

Ideal for street cars and race cars!

Other options also available. Please call prior to ordering to dial in the spec to meet your engine requirements. 

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