1600hp 408ci LSx


1600hp rated Dart 408ci LS Next Long Block.

COMPLETE long block, oil pan to valve covers

Based on a Dart LS Next SHP skirted block with Callies forged rotation assembly & AFR CNC ported 230 Mongoose heads. ALL NEW parts. 

Twin Turbo, Single Turbo or supercharged.

x58 reluctor wheel

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1600hp LS Engine for Forced Induction applications (364ci, 408ci or 427ci)

  • 1600hp rated Turbo LS engine

  • Bore & stroke – Options

  • Engine size – 364ci, 408ci, 427ci 

  • Deck height – 0.000

  • Chamber CC’s – 68cc

  • Piston Dish – 25cc

  • Static compression ratio  – TBD

  • Head gasket compressed thickness – TBD

  • Valve spring open pressure @ .” – lbs

  • Spring seat pressure – TBD

  • Spring height – TBD

  • Hydraulic Roller cam for turbo or supercharger


  • Dart LS Next SHP skirted block
  • ACL Race series coated main bearings 
  • ACL Race series coated con rod bearings
  • Durabond coated cam one piece cam bearings 
  • ARP Pro Main studs 
  • Callies Compstar 8CW 4.000 stroke Crankshaft 
  • Balanced Crankshaft
  • Callies Ultra H beam 6.125” rods with ARP rod bolts 
  • TCI Flex plate 
  • ARP Flex plate bolts
  • ATI super damper 
  • ARP Damper bolt
  • CP Carrillo Forged pistons -25cc dish 
  • Melling 10296 HV/HP oil pump 
  • Holley 302/3 oil pan (GM A body) 
  • ICT Billet oil feed 

Top End Spec:

  • IWIS Double roller billet timing set 
  • GM Lifter trays
  • LS7 lifters (short travel Johnson lifters available too)
  • ARP Pro head studs
  • GM MLS head gaskets 
  • AFR CNC ported Mongoose LS3 style heads
  • Powered metal valve guides
  • 62cc chambers
  • Stainless Valves
  • 6 bolt design
  • Custom twin turbo cam 
  • PAC Racing 650”  valve springs 
  • Titanium retainers 
  • Viton valve stem seals 
  • BTR spring cups 
  • Chromoly push rods 7.400
  • Mahle Cam retaining plate & bolts 
  • ARP Cam bolts 
  • ARP Rocker bolts  
  • GM LS1 1.7:1 Rockers 
  • GM LS1 Rocker stand
  • C.H.E Bronze bearing trunnion kit
  • Gasket kit 
  • Oil Filter 
  • Front & Rear covers 
  • Core Plugs 
  • Oil Gallery dog bone
  • Billet Valley Cover (ACE or ICT) 
  • Valve covers (ACE, ICT or Holley)
  • Dipstick and tube 
  • Windage Tray 
  • Oil filler cap 
  • AN-3 Steam vent kit 
  • 12 point Hardware

TOTAL: $13,978

We recommend Holley or FuelTech EFI for this engine. This 1600hp LS engine is based on a twin turbo, single turbo or supercharged application with a good tune. Engines must be tuned professionally.

Ideal for daily drivers & street/strip cars.

Other options also available. Please contact us before ordering this engine to discuss your exact requirements