1915cc long block


Very popular with the Bus crowd. Perfect for Busses wanting more power and better drivability in modern traffic than the stock engine. Bus motors are supplied with an Engle 100 camshaft for good low end torque. Can also be supplied with an Engle FK41/FK42 or FK7 for even more low end torque – Perfect for towing!

Check out the 1915cc turnkey engine if you are looking for a complete plug and play package.

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Aircooled VW Long blocks. ALL NEW parts

  • Aluminum super race case
  • Steel back main bearings
  • Dual thrust cam bearings
  • Balanced rotation assembly
  • 69mm counterweighted crankshaft
  • Crankshaft gear assembly kit
  • Lightened forged flywheel 200mm
  • Chromoly 36mm heavy duty gland nut
  • I beam connecting rods with ARP 8470 bolts
  • 94mm barrels and pistons
  • Engle 100 camshaft, 110, 120 also available (please specify)
  • Engle cam followers
  • Aluminium cam gear
  • CSP extended cut to length oil pick up pipe
  • 3.5 litre deep sump
  • 40 x 35.5mm big valve heads with single HD spring
  • Heavy duty 1.1:1 rockers with bolt up shafts – (1.25 ratio available + $120)
  • Stainless steel push rod tubes
  • Aluminum Super Duty push rods
  • Bolt on aluminum rocker covers
  • 26mm oil pump
  • Full flow steel oil pump cover
  • Full flow – 8 oil fitting adapters 
  • Kennedy Stage 1 clutch (specify early or late)
Other options also available. Please contact us before ordering this engine to discuss your exact requirements 
Aircooled VW Long block