2000hp+ 427ci Dart LS Next


2000hp 427ci Dart LS Next with Callies Magnum CCW crankshaft, Wiseco Boostline rods and Dart PRO1 280cc LS3 heads. ALL NEW parts. 

Twin Turbo or Single Turbo

x24 or x58 reluctor wheel

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2000hp+ LS Engine for Forced Induction applications (427ci)

  • 2000hp+ rated LS Engine

  • Bore & stroke – 4.125” x 4.0”

  • Engine size – 427ci

  • Deck height – 0.000

  • Chamber CC’s – 68cc

  • Piston Dish – 24cc

  • Static compression ratio  – 9.5:1

  • Head gasket compressed thickness – 0.051”

  • Valve spring open pressure @ 

  • Spring seat pressure – 

  • Custom spec cam for single or twin turbo


  • Dart LS Next 4.125 tall deck block PN 31837221 
  • Dart LS Next Cam retaining plate & bolts
  • LS Next Block parts, cam bearings, dowels, freeze plugs
  • Dart LS Next windage tray & retaining plate & bolts
  • King Racing XP coated main bearings 
  • King Racing XP coated con rod bearings
  • Dart LS Next ARP Pro Main studs 
  • Callies Magnum CCW 4.00” crankshaft (Ultra Billet & Magnum XL also available)
  • Wiseco Boostline 6.125” rods with ARP 2000 rod bolts
  • TCI Flex plate 
  • ARP Flex plate bolts 
  • Inovators West harmonic balancer 
  • ARP Damper bolt 
  • Diamond pistons -24cc dish 
  • Melling 10296 HV/HP oil pump (Dry Sump also available)
  • Moroso LS Next oil pan (GM A Body & others available)
  • Stef’s Oil filter adapter plate for Moroso pan
  • ICT Billet oil feed 

Top End Spec:

  • IWIS Billet double roller timing set
  • Morel Hydraulic LS lifters & tie bars (Solid also available)
  • Dart LS Next ARP Pro head studs (23 studs)
  • Graphite & O ring head gaskets
  • DART or AFR cnc ported rectangle port heads
  • 68cc chambers
  • Stainless Valves
  • 6 bolt design
  • Custom Twin Turbo Cam (Hydraulic or Solid)
  • PAC Springs
  • Titanium Retainers
  • ARP Cam bolts 
  • ARP Rocker bolts  
  • GM LS3 1.7:1 Rockers (roller also available)
  • GM LS3 Rocker stand 
  • C.H.E Bronze bearing trunnion kit 
  • Gasket kit 
  • Oil Filter
  • Front & Rear covers 
  • Oil Gallery dog bone
  • Billet Valley Cover (ACE or ICT) 
  • Valve covers (ACE, ICT or Holley) 
  • Dipstick and tube
  • Windage Tray 
  • Oil filler cap 
  • AN-3 Steam vent kit 
  • 12 point Hardware 
  • TOTAL : $19,834

Options: DART LS Next II upgrade with Cleveland mains & 1/2 studs (3500hp capable), billet crank, billet heads, roller bearing cam tunnel and more…

We recommend Holley or FuelTech EFI for this engine. This 2000hp LS Next based engine is based on a twin turbo, single turbo application with a good tune. Engines must be tuned professionally.

Ideal for extreme street cars and race cars.