2276cc Turbo EFI Turnkey engine


2276cc Turbo EFI  Perfect high performance, reliable & very drivable engine for Busses or Beetles. Can be daily driven.  Not strenuous on parts, small cam and rocker ratio, let the turbo do the work!  220hp with Engle TCS20 @ 7psi (Beetle) 200hp with Engle TCS10 @ 7psi (Bus)

Air cooled VW turbo engine – Aircooled VW turbo motor – Type 1 turbo motor 

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Type 1 VW turbo engine – Aircooled VW turbo Engine

2276cc Turbo injection motor. Beetle OR Bus. Plug and play complete engine package.

  • 82×94mm
  • Balanced rotation assembly
  • 4340 82mm super race counterweighted crankshaft (84, 86 also available with Type IV mains)
  • Aluminium super race crank case
  • Full Flow oil system
  • 8 dowel flywheel with heavy duty gland nut
  • Billet crank pulley with billet steel hub
  • CB H beam rods 5.5″ with ARP 2000 rod bolts
  • Engle TCS turbo grind camshaft
  • Engle lightweight cam followers
  • Billet steel straight cut cam gears
  • AA 94mm barrels and JE forged pistons
  • CB 44 x 37.5mm Mini Wedge port heads, turbo prepped.
  • 1.25:1 Ratio rockers
  • SS push rod tubes
  • CB Aluminum Super Duty cut to length push rods
  • Scat Chromoly 180,000 psi turbo head studs
  • Aluminum bolt on rocker covers
  • 30mm oil pump
  • JayCee Powerflow oil control
  • 3.5 litre deep sump
  • -8 AN full flow oil hoses and fittings (please specify colors)
  • -6 AN fuel line and fittings
  • Stage 2 pressure plate
  • Super Daiken friction plate
  • Spark plugs
  • Elring gasket kit

Cooling and Ancillaries:

  • 30hp style doghouse fan shroud kit (please specify powder-coating colour)
  • Alternator kit
  • Doghouse oil cooler and stand
  • External oil filter & cooler with thermostat operated electric fan and -8 fittings
  • Powdercoating
  • AN -8 oil line fittings and hose
  • AN -6 fuel line fittings and hose
  • AN -3 boost stainless hard lines
  • VR1 racing oil
  • Zinc break in additive
  • Injection and Turbo kit:
  • CB Performance Gen 4 EFI Turbo kit
  • A1 Muffler Stainless turbo header
  • AGP T3/T4 Turbo (Garrett Turbo + $1350 – V-band turbo also available)
  • Turbosmart waste gate
  • Turbosmart blow off valve
  • AN-10 Turbo drain
  • AN-3 turbo feed line

Bergmann Billet Fan Kit (painted) + $1,405

FuelTech FT450, FT500, FT550, FT600 engine management upgrades also available. 

Complete aircooled VW turbo engine ready to fit into your vehicle

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