FuelTech FT450 EFI Aircooled VW Turbo Engine


2276cc, 2332cc or 2387cc Turbo EFI engine with FuelTech FT450 complete engine & vehicle management. 

Perfect high performance, reliable & very drivable engine for Busses, Type 3’s or Beetles. Can be daily driven or taken to the drag strip and lay down the numbers!

250hp @ 7psi & 315hp @14psi with water/meth injection

Aircooled VW turbo engine – Aircooled VW turbo motor – Type 1 turbo motor – Aircooled turbo racing engine.



2276cc, 2332cc or 2387cc Turbo motor with FuelTech management  Beetle, Type 3 OR Bus. For street cars or race cars, Plug and play complete engine package. 

    • Fully machined and blueprinted to the highest standard
    • Balanced rotation assembly
    • 4340 82mm, 84mm or 86mm super race crankshaft (Type centre main on 84mm & 86mm cranks)
    • Aluminum super race crank case
    • Full Flow oil system
    • 8 dowel flywheel with heavy duty gland nut (wedge mated or flanged crank available)
    • Scat Chevy journal H beam rods with 3/8 ARP 2000 rod bolts
    • Steel back type 1 main bearings (1, 2 & 4)
    • Type 4 conversion centre main bearing (only on strokes above 82mm)
    • Clevite H series or ACL Race series rod bearings 
    • Dual trust cam bearings 
    • Engle TCS turbo grind camshaft
    • Engle lightweight cam followers
    • Billet steel straight cut cam gears
    • Mahle 94mm cut to length cylinders
    • JE forged pistons
    • CB 44 x 37.5mm CNC Wedge port heads, turbo prepped
    • 1.3:1 Pauter roller rockers
    • Custom made Pauter roller rocker spacers to eliminate cir-clips
    • SS push rod tubes
    • CB Aluminum Super Duty cut to length push rods
    • Scat Chromoly 180,000 psi turbo head studs
    • Aluminum bolt on rocker covers
    • 30mm oil pump
    • CB Performance slimline deep sump with turbo oil drain & FuelTech oil temp sender
    • -8 AN full flow oil hoses and fittings (please specify colors)
    • -6 AN fuel line and fittings
    • Stage 2 pressure plate
    • Dual friction clutch plate
    • NGK Spark plugs
    • Elring gasket kit

    Cooling and Ancillaries:

    • Bergmann Billet Porsche 911 style Fan Kit (please specify shroud color)
    • External oil filter & cooler with thermostat operated electric fan and -8 fittings
    • AN -8 oil line fittings and hose
    • AN -6 fuel line fittings and hose
    • Brad Penn racing oil

    Injection and Turbo kit:

    • ACE Performance turbo kit
    • FuelTech FT600 complete engine & vehicle management
    • FuelTech sensors 
    • High impedance 80lb/hr injectors 
    • Garrett GT3076r ball bearing turbo with V-band turbine housing (G series turbos also available)
    • A1 Muffler Stainless turbo header
    • Turbosmart waste gate (V-band)
    • Turbosmart blow off valve (V-band)
    • Single throttle body 
    • Intercooler
    • Bosch Idle air control valve 
    • Individual Coil on plug ignition coils
    • Custom made, TIG welded Aluminum intake piping 
    • AN-10 Turbo drain
    • AN-4 turbo feed line 
    • Turbosmart turbo oil regulator

    Optional extras

    • FuelTech boost control 
    • Polishing
    • Ceramic Coating 
    • Dyno tuning 

FuelTech EFI is a complete engine and vehicle management. It lets you select different maps at the touch of a button without even having to key on or off again! Cruise to the track with a gas saver map loaded – then select a high boost map and go racing when you get there – change it back at the end of the day and drive home! 

FuelTech has built in 2 step, 3 step, launch and staging control. Whilst controlling and monitoring everything on the engine it is also a dash, data logger and complete vehicle management. Traction control is available with the use of a driveshaft collar (if your car is IRS), there is an engine start button, headlight switch, speedometer, antitheft password protection and much much more! It is fully laptop and hand held tunable by the dash board or can be remotely tuned by a tuner at a different location. 

This is a complete Aircooled VW turbo engine package with fuel and oil system complete, tuned and ready to fit into your street car or race car! We recommend the vehicle always be Dyno tuned once the engine has been fitted by a professional.

Other options also available. Please contact us before ordering this engine to discuss your exact requirements